New era, new ways to buy clothes?


The discussion around fashion and its environmental impact is becoming more and more relevant in recent years. Affordable clothes that cost less than the price of a coffee, trends that come and go within 2 months, quality that degrades after the first use, and an increasing number of fashion waste. At the same time, an increasing number of consumers are in search of a more responsible supply chain that aims to respect people, the environment, and animals


But in order to understand the real dimensions of the environmental cost of fast fashion, let’s look at those numbers (and they are absolutely shocking!) 

  • Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world, after the petrol industry

  • For one ton of textile produced, 200 tons of water is consumed 

  • Cotton production is responsible of 25% of pesticides used in a world scale 

  • Every year, 5 tons of clothes are available in the market of clothes internationally, but 4 tons are thrown away after they are used or completely new! 

But in this story, who is to blame? Over consumption is not only due to the consumers’ habits: companies play a bigger role and it’s finally time to educate and inform the buyer about the origin of the clothes, the production chain and the environmental cost of clothes; in other words, it’s time to start consuming less clothes but with better quality, pieces that last in time and never go out of fashion.

Those facts about the production of textile and its environmental impact are not widely known, but certainly more and more people nowadays take interest in the subject, trying to raise awareness on the positive aspects of a more sustainable fashion. 

For us at Wamono Paris, the engagement towards slow fashion is a core principle. It is for this reason that a big part of our collections come from vintage textiles, the pre-loved Kimonos; we love giving a second chance to those beautiful pieces, transforming them into Haoris, Dresses and Tops. 

Check out our new collection of Tomesode dresses and find out how you can wear them- day and night, for summer and winter, a good quality fashion item has no season! And it never goes out of fashion :) 


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