What does Wa-Mono mean?



Wamono refers to traditional Japanese things.

  • Wa ( 和 )  is the character which is used to describe words like peace, harmony. It also refers to Japan.
  • Mono ( 物 )  means thing, object.


For example Kimono ("kiru" = to wear) and mono means things that are worn.

Using old kimono fabrics in her designs, she found that this word sums up all her work.

"I would especially like to thank Yoshimi Borne for her help. Without her, Wa-Mono might not have been born! She is a friend who teaches couture in Japan and also works for Givenchy. She was able to pass on to me her demand for quality which has never left me. Others also came to help me in this adventure such as Misato and Koh with whom I still work today. "