The origins of Wa-mono

Créatrice de Wamono Monika Koizumi
It is her love for Japan that led her to this country for her studies. She met a native of the country, got married and came back to France with two children under her arm, not without having had the time to discover the magnificent kimonos, obis, and other crafts of this fascinating country by so much beauty and ancestral know-how.


"Japan has always resonated with my upbringing. At 16, I decided that this was the culture I wanted to adopt. Indeed, born in Germany to a diplomat father and having traveled a lot, I wished to find myself in a culture in order to blossom fully. I first discovered Japan through its literature and then read the authors in their original language. This quest led me to study Japanese at the Inalco and then at the University of Tsukuba in Japan. "